The Evolution of the Mechanical Slot Machine to Online Slots

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Have you ever wondered how and when the slot machine you loved so much came into existence? Knowing a bit about the history of this great source of rewarding entertainment can add extra enjoyment to your next spin. Whether as a fruit machine or a modern-day online slot, the slot has a rich history dating back a century ago and two decades. Most of these histories were before the fierce competition among the online casinos that gave birth to a new norm in the online casino industry – Juicy bonuses. The race to grab a good portion of the market has resulted in more exciting features and bonuses for online slots players, who now have better odds of winning life-changing prizes.

It all started in 1894 when the American inventor with Bavarian background, Charles August Fey, invented the earliest version of the slot, which was well accepted and soon became a massive hit. Four years later, Fey tweaked his brainchild to produce the first 3-reel slot. Fast forward to a year; the first mechanical slot machine was born. The Liberty Bell has the basic features you will expect from a slot machine. It was only a matter of time before the competitors piggyback on the success of Frey’s idea. By 1910, San Francisco boasted of over 3,000 slot machines. It wasn’t all smooth passage for the pioneers of the mechanical slot machine as almost society then was morally and legally against the increasing popularity of slot machines. To increase the acceptance of slot machines, early players such as Novelty Company and Mills Novelty began marketing slot machines as a chewing gum dispenser and the symbols represented with fruit and bars, following the footstep of Frey’s Liberty Bell.

Enter Online Slots

Depending on your location, slot machines are known as pokies by Aussies, Puggy by Scots, Fruities by Brits, and called the slots by the Americans and British. Before the 90s, it is also known pejoratively as one-armed bandits for its ability to drain any player’s pocket on his not so good day as he continues to pull the irresistible lever.

Like other industries, the computer and the internet have changed the game for both the players and casino operators. The foundation for online slots was laid in 1976 when the first-ever video slot was introduced and played in Las Vegas.

Fast forward to the mid-90s, Intercasino became the first online casino to offer slot games to internet users officially. Since making its debut, online gaming has soared both in quantity and exceptionally quality entertainment. The online casino industry has never looked back in bringing all kinds of slots from the classic 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, video slots, 3d slots and progressive jackpots. Alongside the increasingly enjoyable gambling experience with great features, online casinos that are worth their salt now have incentives, including mouth-watering welcome offers and deposit bonuses for new players to get in their grooves.

Two words that readily come to mind whenever an online slot is mentioned are accessibility and convenience. Gone are the days of traveling several miles and spending avoidable expenses on a trip to a slot machine and spin.

The Attraction of the Online Slots

While we can’t ignore individual preferences, many gamblers favor playing online slots for physical-based casinos, not for a reason but for several reasons. Starting with endless entertainment pursuits available on the tonnes of online casinos on the internet, in partnership with several reputable slot game software providers. There is a limit to the number of slot machines a game lobby of a land-based casino can contain, which comes nothing close to an average online casino with hundreds and sometimes thousands of slots. The online slots come in different attractions such as features, titles and themes that include Folklore, Sports, Fantasy, Food, TV shows, and several topics that resonate with the players’ interests.

The competition for the attention of internet users gets stiffer, and iGaming companies try to outdo themselves. A typical online slot comes with special features such as Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Multipliers, Bonus Games, Wild Symbols, Expanding Wilds, 1024 Ways to Win, Jackpots etc. Together, all these special features boost the winning chances of slot players. Players also get to enjoy between 25% to 500% match on your first deposit, and sometimes with extra free spins or cash to play a specified online slot or those of your choosing.

The Future of Online Slots

While it may seem the future of the online casino industry is here, the readiness of the industry to integrate new technology into their operations means there is more to come. For instance, mobile technology has ushered in many new converts, slot players who love the perk of enjoying mobile slots anywhere, on the go. For anyone that has ever traveled some miles to get to a slot machine, having thousands of slot titles at their palm is spectacular. From all indications, recent technological trends such as Blockchain technology and Augmented and virtual reality will push the entertaining effect and popularity of online slots even further.