Why old slots were better


This time we wanted to write about a thing that is very important to us. You see, back in the day, casino games and slots used to be very different from how they are now. For a lot of people, this is considered a good thing, but for us, it is not.

We wanted to name this website Casinoseum because being part of the older generation of casino fanatics, we sometimes feel like we belong in a museum. It is as if we are some relics from a bygone era, just because our taste for many things is different from that of the young adults of today. It is kind of ironic, however, as we were the ones who used to think that our mothers and fathers used to be like that! We guess that this is the wheel that just keeps turning—only the places of the spokes are different for every generation.

Old slots were all about content

When we look at modern slots from game companies such as NetEnt, we simply see too much pizazz and too little real content. The way that these abhorrent slot machines hook you in is by having all sorts of stuff happen on the screen. Stuff that has no real meaning or effect on how the results will turn out.

If you decide to try one of the older games at online casinos, you will see that there are only 9 spots for symbols and just one pay line. Here you do not have to guess which lines and patterns are actually pay lines — you only have one and it is more than enough. Also, there are no flashy lights and strange and unnecessary sounds there to make you feel like you were fighting a war or stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. In other words, you are not constantly bombarded by audiovisual effects that are only there to make you hooked on something that wouldn’t otherwise even be enough to turn your head.

When games became an audiovisual adventure and mainstream entertainment, we are pretty sure that some men in suits started high-fiving each other feverishly. It was then that you could just start saying goodbye to all of those games with high RTP’s. We do not think that this has actually happened just yet, but with the direction that things are headed, it is probably just a matter of time.

In our time, people did not play on gambling sites online because they were flashy and “cool,” it was because it was nice to win some extra money to bring home to your wife and kids. Nowadays, however, even young adults seem to be playing games for fun, much like if they were playing video games or computer games. News flash: these games should be played to earn some money, not to enjoy bright lights and movie-like music!

Even writing these things, we are sure that some people will just laugh at us. As if what we are saying is totally outdated and just plain wrong! Just look inside of your heart, however: do you really think that we are out of our minds? Perhaps you can find it within your heart to actually agree with something that we have said here?

Our advice would be to stick to old slots. Those things will entertain you, but not too much so that you feel like you actually want to keep playing even if you are not winning any! Heeding this advice could actually save you some money!

slots with 243 ways to win

Features you only find on online slots

One thing new online slots are better at is features. Win from both ways, walking wilds, sticky wilds & crazy bonus games. The list goes on and on. For example, if you read about online slots at Seven Jackpots, you’ll find that most five-reel slot machines have a total of 25 pay lines. This means that you have 25 possibilities to win every spin. If you compare this to a slot where you can win from both ways, and where you have 243 ways to win, you have way more chances at winning per spin.

This does not, however, mean you will win bigger. But it truly is a fun feature you will not find on old slots.