Free Spins

If you are interested in what free spins are and have not got a clue, you might want to read on!

free spins

For us, free spins were something that we had to learn about once we started using online casinos. Back in the day, there really wasn’t anything like free spins. It is actually funny how people nowadays talk about free spins as if there is nothing special about them. In our mind, they truly are very special—even if they are usually given on slot machines that are visually abrasive and can really attack all of your senses.

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What’s special about free spins?

What is so special about free spins, you ask? Well, the simple fact that they really are free! You do not have to pay any money for your free spins, but you could still end up winning a few quid. In fact, at some casinos, you could even win thousands of pounds if you are extremely lucky. We do have to remind you, though, that being able to win thousands of pounds is very different from actually managing to do that. For example, you could get hit by lightning twice and you could find 10 000 pounds worth of money in the middle of the street. Does it mean that it is going to happen? Not really!

As unlikely as getting dirty rich might be, there still is a real possibility that investing none of your own could lead into you corking that bottle of bubbly and treating your wife to a very beautiful dinner at her favourite location. Add in a bouquet of flowers and you will definitely raise your points in the eyes of your missus!

Back to where we were, though… We tend to get a little bit side-tracked, but that is life!

You should always keep an eye out for all the possible perils when receiving some of those free spins from the casino of your choice. This is because not each and every casino will let you keep all the money that Lady Luck is willing to give! Instead, many online casinos put a cap on the maximum cash conversion of your free spins wins. This means that even if you did end up winning 1000 pounds due to some miraculous turn of events, you might be able to cash-in on it fully. In fact, you might even have to leave 900 pounds of it at the cashier! Tough luck, mister!

Of course, even winning just 100 free quid is a great thing in and of itself, but if you did not read the terms and conditions well enough, you could be in for a very, very rude awakening. This is just one more reason as to why you should always keep your eyes wide open when receiving any bonuses at all!


We hope that you enjoyed our rant here, even if it was a bit incoherent at times. The point was, though, that free spins are something that definitely wasn’t around some 20 years ago, but even if they are now, they are not completely untouchable. You have to be very careful when going for those spins, since, as we have already mentioned here a few times, there are no free meals in this world! Sure, there might be some discounted meals and neat deals, but none of it is completely free! Even so, it does not get a lot more free than online casino free spins, so feel free to help yourself to some!