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In this Casinoseum article, we are going to shed some light on something very important to us. We are going to be telling you why we really wanted to start playing again after such a long hiatus from online casino gambling!

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Of course, if you read our index page already, you will know that we are guys who first stopped visiting casinos because a lot of us got married and had kids. This meant that we had to restart our lives somewhat and start living more responsible for some time. However, after some time had passed, the band got back together and we just started talking about the possibility of resuming our shared hobby of playing at casinos.

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Even though we would talk about this thing a lot, it was not until we found out about jackpot games and jackpot casinos that we decided to act!

You see, many of us already had the habit of filling out coupons for the national lottery and even buying some scratch cards from our local kiosks. We did not really even realise that this was gambling, in a sense, but when we found out more about progressives, it was like a collective lightbulb went off above our heads. Why not just ditch the national lottery and start gunning for those millions in a different and a lot more entertaining way?

The amazing thing about a jackpot casino is that it allows you to play for much bigger prizes than a normal casino would. You could actually win millions of pounds just by spinning the reels and while enjoying an otherwise ordinary session with you favourite online casino slot! It really is very special.

When you grow old and become a family-man like most of us did, you kind of lose interest in gambling for just a few extra pounds. Instead, you would much rather win a couple of thousand so that you can take your family on a holiday or pay back some of your mortgage. When you are a responsible adult, you are not gambling in order to be able to order pizza or go out with friends and buy a couple of pints. You want to get rich and to achieve complete autarky. That is where jackpot slots forcefully come in!

Of course, we do have to remind you that getting your hands on those millions here is just as hard as winning yourself the jackpot from the national lottery. Still, if you are already enjoying lotto, why not try a jackpot casino for a change? Even if you do not walk away with massive prizes, you could still win at least something else or just lose and still end up enjoying all the excitement. Quite honestly, we do not consider this a bad deal at all!

A word of advice before we wrap up this article, though! You should know that not every online casino identifies as a jackpot casino. This means that you might have to find out whether the casino you want to play at has progressives available or not! Thankfully, most of the biggest ones do have a wide selections of jackpot games for every possible taste!