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As a matter of fact, we at Casinoseum aren’t really fans of online casinos. In fact, we would always pick a real and authentic brick-and-mortar casino over one of these virtual establishments. The reason for this is that we just love the atmosphere and the experience of entering a real casino, giving our jacket to the lady at the coat check, and just walking in the place. There is always something very picturesque and manly about this. You can most certainly feel a sense of flirting with danger in these places!

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You could even say that physical casinos are places where even old gentlemen like us can feel as if we are still young, cool and hip. Or something like that.c

Old vs new online casinos

When you are using a new and modern online casino, there always seems to be something missing. We were born in a time when there was no Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other this type of nonsense. Back in the day, kids actually went outside and spent time with one another instead of sitting around using their unsocial social media. To us, it sometimes feels like online casinos are just born from this same phenomenon, which sometimes makes us feel this bitterness about them.

Truth be told, though, we do use online casinos quite a lot (especially those who give you free spins). We are not those old grumpy men who could not use a computer mouse even if their life depended on it. Heck, most of us even have ourselves Facebook accounts—albeit extremely inactive ones, we should add!

When you grow old, you can either fight a losing battle against all the technology or just get on with the times. We, however, have opted for something that is between there somewhere. We have learned how to use all of these apparatuses, but we cannot really say that we are happy with using them. Still, we had to familiarise ourselves with all this tech in order to get to gamble online.

Retro style online casino games

Even though we sometimes talk about how online casino games have gotten a bit too advanced and modern for their own good, there has recently been a resurgence of all things retro in the world. As a result, some game providers today are working hard to come up with simple games with less features and less of those dazzling visuals and annoying sound effects that our generation finds appalling. Because of this, even we can rest easy and always find something worthwhile to play.

In case that you want to hear a few recommendations, we would definitely recommend that you try games from providers such as Greentube (Novomatic), Bally and IGT (all have games with massive jackpots). Even these providers do have some online casino games that are not to our taste, but they also have a few legendary slots available—even some that we fell in love with when we used to visit brick-and-mortar casinos in the past! Then, if you want to drown yourself in modern crap, you might want to take a look at some of the newest Yggdrasil and Thunderkick games. There is a whole heck of a lot of stupid stuff and ridiculous features with these two juggernauts at least. Play’n GO and NetEnt are another two companies who have sold their souls to capitalism and should be avoided by anyone that is sane and in good health.

All in all, online casinos can actually be pretty decent – if you just know how to use them correctly.